iPhone SDK: Hardcore Gaming

Eurogamer spoke to Johnny Two Shoes (The Heist, Banana Dash), Normalware (Bebot) and Firemint (Flight Control) about how Sony's new PSPgo platform may compete with the iPhone, and the answers were interesting:

  • After an 80% price cut to PSP dev tool charges, bring the price down to $1500) it's still much more expensive than Apple's $99.
  • Developers can't target the existing PSP install base of 50 million, PSPgo has only just been released, and Apple's iPhone and iPod touch have an install base of over 40 million devices.

However, Apple growing the download gaming market and PSP games traditionally being bigger and longer (as opposed to casual iPhone gaming) were seen as positives for Sony.

"In the end," Maxwell Scott-Slade concludes, "the consumer wins for choice and developers win for a more direct access to their audience."