Do more with your Nintendo Switch using the Labo Toy-Con: VR starter set on sale for $20

Labo Blaster
Labo Blaster (Image credit: Best Buy)

Fight off the alien hordes in virtual reality with a blaster you build yourself thanks to the Labo Toy-Con: VR Starter kit for Nintendo Switch on sale for $19.99 as part of Best Buy's deals of the day. The Labo kit normally sells for around $40, and today's deal matches a low we've seen a couple times before. The price is only good through the end of the day.

Best Buy also has the Labo Toy-Con: Vehicle Kit on sale for the same price. However, we have already seen that one go out of stock at least once and it may not be able for you depending on where you live. If that's the one you're interested in, your miles may vary but hopefully you get lucky.

Of course, you know you'll need a Nintendo Switch with a Joy-Con controller to make use of this kit. If you don't already have one, that may be a limited factor. The Nintendo Switch is out of stock most places these days thanks to a halt in production due to the global pandemic, and unfortunately the newer Switch Lite is not really compatible with Labo kits. (If this is something you'd like a solution to, your best bet is to check local stores. Go into a Walmart or Target and check there.)

That being said, once you have a Switch in hand you can use this kit to add some flare to the games you play. The VR Starter Kit is your gateway to virtual reality and a super affordable gateway at that. This is also a great way for kids and adults to spend some time together. For one thing, you have to build it yourself. So if the kit is for a child, you might want to help them build it. The games included also have an aspect of pass-and-play to them so you can play the games together.

All the materials you need are included. You'll get the packed-in Labo software that has interactive build instructions plus quick-play VR games and more. You can also restrict the display for younger children six and under in the settings, so you have control over what's being displayed and to whom.

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