EA to launch new Minions mobile games starting this summer with Minions Paradise

The agreement will begin this summer with the launch of Minions Paradise. EA says it will work with team members at Illumination directly on the creation of these new mobile games.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few years, the Minions are those cute and yellow creatures that are the goofy assistants to the super-villain Grue in the Despicable Me films. The creatures are so popular they are getting their own spin-off movie, titled just Minions, that's due in theaters this summer.

Here's what EA had to say about the Minions Paradise game:

Minions Paradise will be free to download and introduces a new Minion character named Phil. Phil leads the Minions to create the world of their dreams after finding themselves shipwrecked on a tropical island. Players will help the Minions build, craft and design their ultimate tropical playground, complete with whirling waterslides, electric eel tanks, firefly trees, and of course, plenty of bananas.

EA's gain is a big loss for Gameloft, which previously released the popular Despicable Me: Minion Rush mobile game.

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Source: EA

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