EA Mobile Hands-on with Spore: Creatures for iPhone -- TiPb @ CES 2010

EA Mobile showed TiPb some of the new gameplay that's coming to Spore: Creatures for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it represents the next stage of evolution. Literally.

Picking up where Spore: Origins left of, your little life-form crawls from the primordial ooze, you have to negotiate similar challenges to last time, but now there are also bosses to contend with, and creatures you may just socialize with rather than savage (or be savaged by!)

It's coming soon to the App Store. But we have a sneak peak video right after the break!

[YouTube Video Link]

Rene Ritchie

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  • Right on!
    It's games like spore, black&white, homeworld, etc that can really make good use of the multitouch interface.. I'll probably buy the game as soon as it hits the app store.
  • Unless this software comes with a miniaturized physical stage, it does not represent "the next stage of evolution. Literally."
    Figuratively, yes.
    Can we please break this bad habit?
  • @Robert:
    Was referring to the spore in the game. In this version it has literally taken the next step in the evolution of the spore in the game -- crawling out of the ooze.
    The game is about evolution. That's it's theme.