Editor's desk: What do you want to see on the iMore show?

In a few months our community podcast, the iMore show, will hit episode 400. Yeah, I can't believe it either. From a bi-weekly, audio only affair that focused just on the iPhone, to a twice-weekly split between iPhone and iPad, to a unified weekly audio and video show that embraces all of Apple, including the Mac, we've evolved considerably over the years. And thanks to you, we now routinely hit the charts on iTunes, and enjoy tens of thousands of listeners every week. Of course, we want to keep doing better and better, so...

We're investing quite a bit in our podcasts in general, and the iMore show in particular. I've spent the last week renovating my studio — see above and below — and when it's finished I'm hoping to be able to produce even better quality shows for everyone. To that end we're also going to make sure our co-hosts, like Peter, have all the audio and lighting gear they need to sound and look great for you as well. But that's just the beginning.

Since you've already told us in no uncertain terms you want more Q&A on the iMore show, we've begun doing just that. You're sending a ton of email to podcast@imore.com and giving us great questions via the #askimore hashtag on Twitter, and we're going to get more diligent, and more organic, about integrating them in. There's still a few others things we're trying to figure out though. And for that, we need your help!

  1. You said you wanted a schedule. We do currently do the iMore show at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm GMT every Thursday. For those of you who watch live, is that the best day and time? We used to do it at 6pm PT, 9pm ET, 2am GMT but many of you felt that was too late. Is every earlier better? What's your ideal LIVE time slot?

  2. Most of you seem happy with the current 1 hour format. However, some of you have said you prefer longer shows. An hour feels like it keeps us fresh and focused, but what's ideal for you?

  3. Right now we're picking a few topics and doing longer form discussion and deeper dives on them. Would you prefer more stuff faster? Since I'm doing MacBreak Weekly on Tuesdays, I want to make sure we offer you something different on Thursdays, but I don't want to deprive you ether. How do you want us to handle news and analysis?

  4. Right now, we also don't do a lot of app and accessory coverage. Some of you have asked us to cover that more. If you do increase app and accessory coverage on the podcast, how much would you like to see, and how would you like to see it?

  5. A lot of you have asked for more guests, more regularly. Currently we have a guest every two to four weeks. How many guests do you want to see and how often do you want to see them? Every week? Every two weeks? Two hosts and a guest? Three hosts and a guest? Two hosts and two guests?

  6. 400 episodes is a lot, and while we won't fix what isn't broken, we absolute will make it better! So what other changes would you like to see?

Thanks for reading, listening, and watching! We have a lot planned for the iMore show this year and we can't do it without it. If you could take a couple minutes and answer these questions for me in the comments, I'd really appreciate it!