Empires & Allies commands and conquers its way to iPhone and iPad

If the game looks and plays similar to the classic PC Command & Conquer game series, that may be because some of its original creators like Mark Skaggs help to make Empires & Allies. Like C&C, Empires & Allies has over-the-top near future military battles and units as the good guys try to take back the world from the evil GRA terrorist group. Here's what players can expect:

Build your base and set traps for your enemies with spider drones, sentry guns and stealth tanks. Recruit troops, construct helicopters, battle-hardened tanks, warplanes and more to design your perfect army. Deploy your units onto dynamic battlefields where you control how each battle plays out. Use flares to direct your units during battle and amass Command Points to deploy devastating weapons of war. Highly variable combat scenarios in player-versus-player and player-versus-environment modes offer increasing levels of challenge that emulate the unpredictability of warfare.And what's perfect army without your comrades? Recruit friends to form alliances and share rewards from your victories. You can also assign friends to defend your base and attack enemies with "Strike Force," a new feature that makes friends a force multiplier and adds even more meaning to your alliance.

The game is the first such RTS title from Zynga who also has plans to release a fantasy-themed strategy game, Dawn of Titans, later this year.

John Callaham

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