Fallout Pip-Boy app blasts onto the App Store

If you were one of the lucky folks to get a pre-order in for the Fallout 4 Collector's Edition that includes a real-life Pip-Boy, you can now download the required companion app onto your iPhone or iPad. The Fallout Pip-Boy app landed on the App Store today, teasing a bit of the fun that can be had when the Pip-Boy is in your hands on November 10.

With the Fallout Pip-Boy app, you'll be able to slide your smartphone into your real-life Pip-Boy and use it to keep track of your in-game stats, inventory, map and radio. Even cooler, you can play special Fallout mini-games in an admittedly awkward fashion on your arm. Of course, you can also use the app without sliding it into the Pip-Boy — it's just more fun that way.

If you're interested in checking the app out ahead of the Fallout 4's launch on November 10 — albeit in demo mode — you can do so now, so be sure to hit up the App Store.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster