Fieldrunners updated, adds multiplayer, new maps, power towers!

Fieldrunners is still my favorite tower defense-style game for the iPad and they've finally (can I say finally again?) put out an update, including an awesome multiplayer mode. Yes, you can now obliterate your editors. I mean friends!

  • Now play multi-player with or against friends!
  • Three amazing new single player maps!
  • Two fun multi-player maps!
  • Powerful new towers!
  • New fieldrunners to defeat!
  • Innovative new merger of tactical path and open field based gameplay.
  • Plasma tower: Creates a combo attack when it's projectile collides with another Plasma tower.
  • Shotgun tower: Fires a devastating volley of drill bits in a large conical area.
  • Lava tower: Incinerates all nearby fieldrunners in a giant wave of fire.

Check out our original review video after the break and if you get the update let me know how you like it!

[$7.99 - iTunes link]


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