Power Hover, a fast-paced hoverboarding adventure, is this week's free app of the week on the App Store.

Free App of the Week: Become a hoverboarding robot in Power Hover

In Power Hover, you'll be tasked with cruising through more than 30 levels through a wasteland on your hoverboard as a robot. You'll have to avoid hazards thrown your way, grind rails and more to the beat of the energetic soundtrack. Here's more of what you can expect from Power Hover:

  • Defy Gravity and Enjoy the freedom of controlling a hoverboard.
  • Enjoy beautiful pseudo-low-poly art style.
  • Beat the Levels full of surprises and challenges.
  • Experience the story, told through small interactive cutscenes.
  • Explore the beautiful landscapes and multiple different themes.
  • Compete with your friends on the endless Boss levels and Challenge mode
  • An original soundtrack from the Retry musician Ted Striker.

If you're interested in checking out all of the hoverboarding action there is to be had in Power Hover, you can grab the app for free at the App Store link below.

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