Double Fine, one of the zaniest indie game developers out there, recently decided that they would fund their next game through Kickstarter in order to get around the usual publisher restrictions. After blowing their funding target out of the water on the first day, they're now able to bring their game to platforms outside of Mac, Windows, and Linux; Double Fine's upcoming point-and-click adventure title will be coming to select iOS and Android devices too! Those who have pitched in will not only get a copy of the game, but they'll also have access to a video developer diary, and an exclusive forum where they can provide feedback on early concept art. If you are totally insane and pledge $20,000 or more, you get to go bowling with the dev team.

There are a few reasons this is awesome. For one, it shows that Kickstarter can be a great platform for funding apps, so long as those launching the campaign can drum up enough excitement. Double Fine hit their $400,000 funding target in eight hours. Currently they have $1.86 million with another 26 days of fundraising to go. That extra cash is what made the spread from desktop to mobile possible, as well as additional localizations.

The second reason this is awesome, and coincidentally, is the main reason Double Fine could create this much hype, is because Tim Schafer is widely known in the gaming world as the grand-daddy of irreverent, mind-bending, hilarious, and, of course, fun-as-balls video games. Psychonauts is usually touted as his crowning achievement. . But my personal favourite from Schafer is Grim Fandango. It was a point-and-click adventure game set in a 20s detective style following travel agent Manny Calavera as he worked his way through the land of the dead. Other classics include the Monkey Island franchise, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and more recently, Brutal Legend and Trenched Iron Brigade.

Unfortunately, Schafer didn't mention in his last update video which iOS or Android devices would be supproted, but if they're porting the game from PC, I'm going to guess that it will be optimized for tablets first and phones second.

You can actually grab some nice iOS ports for some of the games if you're feeling nostalgic. Be sure to toss in some cash at the Kickstarter project. Wondering what you're getting into? Check out these videos for an idea.

Source: Kickstarter

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