Give Away: Slide-a-ma-jig game for your little ones

Slide-a-ma-jig $0.99 [iTunes Link] Here is a game for the newest of iPhone users. You can slide your finger on the screen to switch 30 different creatures body parts as well as tap a button for different backgrounds. Give the iPhone a shake and you will see a random creature appear. There are sound effects as well to go with your new creatures.

To find out more about the application and how to enter the giveaway, stay with us after the break.

I have my own little ones try out the application and my 4 year old stated, "Oh this guy is really silly, I like this game." My one year old was able to swipe through the various body parts but then started to teeth on the iPhone and I had to take it away. That being said they both seemed to enjoy the game, though if you give your iPhone to your one year old, its at your own risk...

On the Lucky Radish Amusements website website they also have a printable template where you can create your own pen and paper slide-a-ma-jig.

For the giveaway, let us know how keeping your little one occupied will make your life easier and we will chose three of the comments at random to win.

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