Hearthstone's Goblins vs Gnomes arrives next week

The first expansion for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, will be available to players next week. Goblins vs Gnomes will be available starting Monday, December 8. The update focuses on the rivalry between Warcraft's two inventor races, the Goblins of Undermine, and the Gnomes of Gnomeregan.

The expansion adds over 120 new cards. Among these will be the new Mech minion type, which will be both neutral and class-specific. You'll be able to purchase the new cards in a back, craft them, or earn them in Hearthstone's Arena.

While players in the Americas will be able to start playing on December 8, those in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and China will be able to start playing at some point throughout the day on December 9.

Source: Blizzard