Hearthstone's next expansion, The Grand Tournament, launches in August

It looks like Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment's insanely popular card battler, is chugging right along with the game's next expansion: The Grand Tournament. Blizzard announced the expansion at an event in San Francisco today, revealing all new cards and more.

The story of The Grand Tournament takes players to the tournament grounds of Northrend, which were once used to weed out Azeroth's best fighters to take on the Lich King. Now that that threat has been dealt with, the tournament grounds are being used for sport, with invitations to compete being sent out to knights and champions all across Azeroth.

In all, The Grand Tournament adds 132 new cards to Hearthstone's roster, along with a new tournament-themed playing board. In addition, the expansion adds a new keyword for minions, called "Inspire," that activates whenever a player uses his or her hero power — bringing more depth and strategy to the gameplay.

The Grand Tournament will officially launch in August, but players will be able to pre-order a special bundle of packs from the expansion starting next week. The pre-order bundle will offer up 50 packs for a price of $50, with a special card back thrown in as a bonus. If you'd like to keep up with new cards as they're revealed leading up to the expansion's release, you can follow along at The Grand Tournament's official website.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster