iMore Editors' Choice: IMBD, Noble Nutlings, Doctor Who Encyclopedia, and more

Every week, the editors and writers at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include a couple games, an app that pulls up information about movies and television shows, an iBook about productivity, customer relations, and general business best practices, something for Doctor Who fans, and an app for Wikipedia.

IMDb - Chris Oldroyd

This week I have chosen an old app but one of the very best. In my quest to catalogue my huge movie and TV show collection I have been looking for an app that can do just that. All I want is a list of my movies with write ups about the plot and a link to a trailer. There are a few good apps out there but they all seem to fail somewhere for me.

Another interesting aspect in my search was that the standard place where all of these apps pull their meta data from was IMDb, so I thought why not go to the source and see if that can do what I want and sure enough it can. I created a personal list after creating an IMDb account and started the huge job of adding my movies to that list.

I am now about halfway through cataloguing my collection but it is perfect now. The information that IMDb provides is awesome, I can scroll through my collection on my iPhone, iPad or online and it’s all in sync and I can see who is in the film and so much more. The trailer for the movie is just a click away and it makes choosing a movie to watch a perfect experience now.

I know IMDb has been chosen before but it deserves another mention now, if you love movies you will love the IMDb apps.

Blueprint 3D - Ally Kazmucha

Blueprint 3D isn't in any way an advanced game but it's definitely a very cool one. The premise is that you import images or use existing ones in the app to unscramble what looks to be a lump of lines and clutter. You're essentially creating a blueprint of the underlying image. Once you've gotten it just right, the image reveals itself.

If you get stuck on a level or can't seem to get an image just right, you can tap the auto-solve button to see the solution. The best part is that you can use your own images and create blueprints of them which you can then save to your camera roll. While it isn't the most advanced game in the world, it's definitely great for killing time. If you like easier puzzle games, Blueprint 3D is definitely worth a look.

Frictionless Freelancing - Rene Ritchie

Aaron Mahnke is a talented writer, designer, and podcaster who's not only figured out a thing or two about working freelance, but has figured out a way to concisely encapsulate what's he's learned into an understandable, relatable, actionable plan for others. Frictionless Freelancing is his Mahnke's new iBook, available for both iPhone and iPad, and in it he shares his methods for improving productivity, customer relations, and general business best practices.

If you're smart and savvy, you can figure a lot of this kind of stuff out on your own, but the cost in time and mistakes made will be far, far, far more than the cost of a book and the experience shared there in. You can find out more about Mahnke and his book at Frictionless Books and you can grab a copy of your own via the iBookstore.

Doctor Who Encyclopedia - Chris Parsons

Are you a Doctor Who fan? If so, I've got an app you must add to your collection. The Doctor Who Encyclopedia. With over 3,000 entries the Doctor Who encyclopedia is a one stop shop for information. Interactive portals on all the characters, galleries of imagery and a complete list of available episodes on iTunes round the beautifully designed app. Recent updates to the app include support for the iPad mini and the removal of in-app purchases unlocking even more content for owners. It's a bit on the high priced side but it's a growing app with content continuously being added. Allons-y!

Wikipanion Plus for iPad - Joseph Keller

Wikipanion Plus for iPad is a great app for anyone that uses not just Wikipedia, but multiple wikis. There are wikis for everything under the sun, from Apple to Battlestar Galactica, and Wikipanion Plus let’s you access them all in one app. In addition to that, Wikipanion Plus allows you to queue articles for more organized reading as well as save them for faster access and offline reading. It’s not the prettiest app, but content from all sources is well laid-out, and it’s hard to beat access to content from all of those sources. Wikipanion Plus for iPad is available for $4.99, but if you want to try before you buy, there is a free version as well that lacks features like the queue.

Noble Nutlings - Leanna Lofte

Noble Nutlings is a new, fun little game by the ex-Rovio/Angry Birds team where you build your dream car and drive it through each level while collecting nuts, doing tricks, and boosting into big jumps. To control you cart while it's in the air, you tilt your device, or you can use buttons (something I recommend if you're using an iPad). Syncing between devices isn't ideal, but you can do so if you connect to Facebook. Connecting to Facebook will also allow you to play with your friends and compare scores.

Noble Nutlings really is a great little game... especially since it's free!

Your choice?

Now that we've chosen our favorites for the week, we want to hear yours! Did you pick up a killer app, accessory, or game this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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