Apologies for the delay on this episode folks. As you'll hear during the show, I dropped my Retina MacBook Pro and it's still in with Apple for repairs. Sadly, the feed generation software we use doesn't sync, and it's really painful setting it up on another machine (yeah, I have backups, but I don't have the machine back to restore those backups onto yet. Ugh.) I did manage to manually hack together the RSS for the audio, so YouTube and MP3 are currently available, and I'll work on MP4 next. Hopefully I'll get my rMBP back soon and next week will be nice and normal... Now, on with the show!

Rene and Peter talk about dropping MacBooks, updating the OS X 10.10 Syrah interface, what they'd like to see in a new Mac Mini, iOS 8 getting Shazam-powers, 3D on phones, Passbook, and more!

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