iMore show 644: The Saturationing

Rene Ritchie, Mikah Sargent, and Lory Gil deliver a heaping bowl of hot news and rumors to Apple fans this week! First, Rene talks about the secret history of iPhone — two essentially competing teams at Apple working to help the company enter the mobile phone market.

From there, Lory professes her undying love for the 4" iPhone form factor. iPhone SE has been available once again at clearance pricing, but she advocates for a new version with updated internals. #iPhoineSEUnite

The gang also debate the idea of Apple removing Google as the default search engine on their products. Apple News is coming to Canada — earning a fully justifiable "finally"!

There's also rumors and wish lists percolating for an iPad mini 5, and some weird gaming of Spotify listens. Finally, HP has released a laptop wrapped in leather. For real.

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