App Store adds Game Collections spotlight for iPhone and iPad

Every once in awhile the App Store would showcase collections of games around themes, like zombies or racing, but it would be hard to find those featured lists once the game section's page was updated. To fix that, Apple has made a permanent Game Collections section where all of the different lists are found in one place. Here's the selection:

Themed sections like these help a ton in game discovery, not only for showcasing specific genres, but also to address different demands; finding obscure titles that don't often get a spot in the limelight, or getting your hands on quick, casual games, for example. Of course at iMore we try to do our part to help folks find game, too. Have you seen our best free iPhone games and best free iPad games features?

You can visit the new Game Collections section of the App Store here, just keep in mind that for now it's U.S. only.

Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.