A touch-enabled web reader. An internet TV. And a gaming console. Are you getting it yet? OK. Steve Jobs never said that, but what Apple's famed co-founder did say was that there was room between the iPhone and the MacBook for a third category of device. And that device is iPad.

Current models include the second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, the lower-cost 9.7-inch iPad (now with Apple Pencil support), and the smaller, more compact iPad mini 4

While some consider the iPad market beleaguered, Apple keeps selling them by the tens of millions. More than Macs. More than PCs. More than almost anything else on the planet, except of course, for iPhone.

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Buying your iPad

If you're still on the fence about which iPad to buy — or which iPad to upgrade to — Apple's made the choices slightly easier now. The updated 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro (which replaces the 9.7-inch iPad Pro) are identical in everything but display size and variety of finishes. (The 12.9-inch model lacks the rose gold option). Both have 120 Hz ProMotion displays, A10X processors, and support for Smart Connector and Apple Pencil.

The 6th-generation 9.7-inch iPad doesn't have the "pro" display but is least expensive full-sized iPad Apple's ever made, and it even supports Apple Pencil. And there's iPad mini 4, which condenses the iPad experience down to 7.9-inches. Then, of course, there are colors, capacities, and things like AppleCare+ to consider.

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Using your iPad

Just get a new iPad? Then your next step is setting it up and getting started with it. Whether that means configuring it from scratch or restoring it from backup, moving your data over from an iPhone, Android tablet, or PC, or digging into all the features, the fun starts there. Safari, iBooks, TV, Photo Booth, it's all ready and waiting for you.

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More for iPad

Setting up your iPad is only the beginning. There's a whole store filled with apps and a world of accessories for you to discover With them, your iPad isn't the limit. There is no limit.

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iPad help and discussion

If you have any questions or need any help with your iPad, jump into our forums:

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