Want to use Apple's new Magic Keyboard? You'll have to buy an M4 iPad Pro

Let Loose 2024
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Apple Let Loose Event

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Apple's "Let Loose" event just finished, revealing new iPad Air and iPad Pro models, and marking the debut of the M4 chip.

If you were looking to pick up the new Magic Keyboard for your existing iPad, however, you'll be disappointed.

As per the store listing for the latest tablet keyboard, the latest model will only fit the M4 models.

That's perhaps understandable when it comes to the new 13-inch model that replaces the 12.9-inch M2, there's also no option to use the latest Magic Keyboard on your 11-inch iPad Pro either.

Given the last version of Apple's Magic Keyboard could work across iPad Air and iPad Pro, that could be a disappointment.

Let Loose 2024

The new Magic Keyboard has a larger trackpad. (Image credit: Future)

What's new with the Magic Keyboard for M4 iPad Pro?

It appears Apple's latest Magic Keyboard will correct pretty much every issue we had with the last model - except the price. 

It'll still set you back $299/£299 for the 11-inch model and $349/£349 for the 13-inch one, but it's now thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

The trackpad is also larger, with haptic feedback, and it finally adds a 14-key function row that includes screen brightness and volume controls while still offering the "floating" design that made the last version so eye-catching.

There's still a USB-C connector for charging, too, which is still more elegant than adding a USB-C hub.

We're covering the Apple iPad event as it happens. Follow the Let Loose event LIVE here. Or check out our roundups for all the latest on the new OLED iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the new Apple Pencil

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