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Pinch Media, who provide metrics/analytics for iPhone users recently gave a presentation on "AppStore Secrets" that highlighted what they're seeing in terms of free vs. ad supported vs. paid, and usage patterns over time. They try to provide developers with some useful number crunching on how and when to determine if their application is "sticky" and modulate price and ad support, but they also show some things that are interesting from the user perspective:

  1. We don't use free apps that much. Sure, we download them by the gigabyte-full, but after a few tries, it's buh-bye. If we pay for it, we probably need/want it more, and hence use it more.
  2. We keep using games longer than any other type of app.

Things rings true for me. Of all the apps I've downloaded (and they've been many, free and paid), about the only ones I use consistently are casual games and communication clients (IM, Twitter, etc.) The rest of the time, I'm using built-in apps like Safari, Email, iPod, etc. And even among those "sticky" apps, when I've had my fill of one game, I move on to another. When a new Twitter or IM client comes out, I switch to it (and sometimes switch back and forth).

What about you? Do you stop using free apps faster than paid? And what apps do you keep using?

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)