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While everyone in the US waits for the iPad Wi-Fi to ship this Saturday and bring iPad apps along with it, let's not forget the iPhone and its App Store already 170,000 strong. Here are some new games and notable updates to keep us all busy while we wait!

New Games

Screen shot 2010-03-29 at 15.39.41- Chop Chop Runner [$0.99 - iTunes link]. Avoid obstacles and fight off enemy hoards to save the emperor's daughter in this fast and frantic side-scrolling platform game.

PushPixPull- PushPixPull [$2.99 - iTunes link]. Help the cute little robot Pix travel from world to world by solving puzzles. Apply your intellectual powers to unravel enigmas, pushing and pulling bricks into positions so that they do not repeat in columns, rows or squares.

Skies of Glory - Battle of Britain- Skies of Glory: Battle of Britain [$6.99 - iTunes link]. Take to the skies and become a WWII fighter ace. Perform aerial stunts and engage the enemy in WiFi and Bluetooth dogfights. Battle your way through a campaign of missions, taking part in daring bombing runs or defending your base against enemy squadrons.

Burnstar- BurnStar [$1.99 - iTunes link]. Play the perambulating, pyro-technician BurnStar as you blast through puzzles and speed-levels whilst avoiding robot sentries. Keep your cool through fireworks, explosions and traps laid by the odious Evil Industrial, Inc.

Pipetrix- Pipetrix [Free - iTunes link]. Retro-neon graphics and a simple concept turn Pipetrix into a complex and addictive challenge. Master the art of building inter-connected pipes, rack up combos and build the points to retain your place on the leader-board.

Screen shot 2010-03-29 at 15.40.49- Litterfin Louie [$0.99 - iTunes link]. Clean up the ocean with Louie the fish by eating rubbish dumped by evil polluters. Avoid dangerous jellyfish and mines whilst munching fresh fruit to regain your strength.

Screen shot 2010-03-29 at 15.37.56- MIX-MAX [$1.99 - iTunes link]. Chazebrillas, Elekangphins and Beardollions: create a zoo of new and wondrous creatures at the swipe of a finger, learning the ABC in English and German as you go.

mzl.mqodnfzq.320x480-75- ZENONIA 2: The Lost Memories [$4.99 - iTunes link]. The rebirth breathes new life into an original iPhone RPG. Four characters with customization in an epic saga with three different play modes and asynchronous online PvP.

Updated Apps

Navigon MobileNavigator- NAVIGON Mobile Navigator [$79.99 - iTunes link]. All of the updates promised us at Macworld (see our TiPb Apps video) have now been delivered -- MyRoutes, Facebook and Twitter integration, Panorama View 3D (in-app purchase).

MobileMe Gallery- MobileMe Gallery [Free - iTunes link]. Adding a friends' galleries is now easier than ever. From the Galleries screen, tap Add a Friend and then Choose Contacts (the number in parentheses indicates how many MobileMe members are in your address book). The Gallery app shows you all your friends in your iPhone contacts with MobileMe accounts while checking to see if they have active galleries. Choose the ones you want and tap Add.

If you try any of them out let us know how they work for you, and if we missed any great new games or notable big name app updates, let us know in the comments!

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