Jason Statham lends his voice and likeness to Sniper X game

The latest movie star to appear in a mobile game is none other than Jason Statham. The English actor who has starred or co-starred in a ton of action films, including The Transporter and The Expendables series, is lending his voice and likeness to be used for a character in Sniper X, the latest free-to-play game from Glu Media.

Here's a look at the features in Sniper X:

  • Expert Leadership – Hone your skills and earn cash for upgrades in SPEAR's training grounds. Study the art of the kill under SPEAR's commander, voiced by action star Jason Statham!
  • Stunning Graphics – As Sniper X, take on hundreds of military missions in incredible 3D environments.
  • Innovative Upgrade System – Make your sniper rifle into a truly customized killing machine. Customize your weapon to suit your style of play by adding and upgrading scopes, barrels, suppressors and more.
  • Heart-Pounding Gameplay – Eliminate enemy soldiers, officers, vehicles, and even drones in thrilling first-person action. See your kills confirmed with a dramatic kill-cam.
  • Elite Armory – Enjoy access to an elite armory where sniper rifles are just the beginning. Dealing with drones? Switch to a shotgun and blast them with a cloud of buckshot. Zoom in and slow down time with focus, built into every sniper rifle. Eliminate groups of grunts in seconds with your burst-fire assault rifle.

You can download and play Sniper X for free right now from the iOS App Store. Be aware that it does use in-app purchases and that the game does feature some intense violence as well as adult language.

John Callaham

I have been writing professionally about technology and gaming news for 14 years.