Latest Vainglory update brings new hero, season structure, and more

If you're a Vainglory fan, your mobile MOBA experience is about to get quite a bit better. Developer Super Evil Megacorp has released patch 1.9 for the game, bringing a new hero, the addition of teams and guilds, and heralding the beginning of a new season structure. Here's the full breakdown of what's new:

  • New Tank Hero: Phinn!
  • Autumn Season 2015 Begins: Play on a new Halcyon Fold seasonal map skin!
  • Unlock limited-edition seasonal Celeste & Petal skins in the Market. (Available only in this update! Ends around Halloween.)
  • "Season 0" trophy archived in your Trophy Room.
  • Play Ranked to earn your Autumn trophy and prepare for future rewards.
  • Official Autumn eSports calendar announced! Details in News.
  • Teams & Guilds: Create or join one guild, which contains 20-50 players.
  • Guilds will have special rewards based on dedication and participation.
  • Create or join one team, which contains up to six players.
  • Teams will have special rewards based on competition and wins and qualify teams for major tournaments.

Overall, the 1.9 update represents quite a major one for Vainglory, and there are numerous balance changes and bug fixes to go along with the latest features. If you'd like to check out all of the new improvements, you can snatch up the latest Vainglory update at the link below.

Source: Super Evil Megacorp

Dan Thorp-Lancaster