Invade Darth Vader's Castle with this newly announced Lego Star Wars set

The lineup of Lego Star Wars building sets and toys is vast and growing even larger with the company's announcement earlier today regarding the 'Darth Vader's Castle' set. Now fans can extend their Lego galaxy to planet Mustafar with the Amazon-exclusive set which releases later next month.

Darth Vader's Castle first appeared on screen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The set comprises 1,060 pieces to recreate the frightening fortress along with some of its most important rooms and details, such as an underground hangar, an ancient Sith shrine, and a brick-built lava flow.

No Sith lord's castle is complete without a meditation chamber though. A buildable TIE Advanced Fighter model is included too which is the perfect size to store in the hangar. As for minifigures, you'll receive classic Darth Vader along with a bacta tank version of the character, two Royal Guards, and an imperial Transport Pilot. Once finished, this build stands just over 16 inches high.

Amazon is accepting pre-orders now for this set which is priced at $129.99. It's set to begin shipping for release by November 26.

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