Lego debuts its new Forma product line for adults via Indiegogo

Lego may be known for its building sets and toys for children, but many of its product offerings are suitable for all ages. Its Star Wars and Harry Potter lines even have some older fans lining up to spend their weekly paychecks. Adults playing with Lego bricks isn't a new thing, but Lego sets designed for Adults sure are. Just today, Lego announced a new line of "premium" products designed for adults who are in dire need of a time out from their daily duties.

Lego Forma is a unique product line in that it's actually been designed for customers older than Lego's average audience, but it's also extremely unique in how it's being offered to customers right now. Instead of being purchasable in a brick-and-mortar store, Lego has the product available on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in order to "test ways to fast-track product launches" with small-batch production runs. The first Lego Forma set is limited to 20,000 units.

The first sets unveiled under the Lego Forma line comprise kinetic fish sculptures that can move in a life-like manner thanks to the included Technic core. The base set, labeled the 81000 Koi Model, is priced at $45 and includes 294 pieces in total. Meanwhile, there are also three different skins you can purchase for $15 each which will offer your creation a new look and the opportunity to rebuild, which is always fun. Currently, the three skins available include a Shark skin, Splash Koi skin, and an Ink Koi skin which is the perfect option for those who want to customize its look all on their own. There's also a bundle which includes the base Koi model along with the three skins at a discounted price of $85.

At this time, Lego Forma is only available for U.S. and U.K. customers with the crowdfunding campaign set to end on November 6. You'll want to place your order before then though as there's no telling when the sets will sell out. Considering even standard sets such as the UCS Millenium Falcon and Hogwarts Castle are hard to locate in stock at times, these ones will become even more difficult to find once the campaign ends. Lego Forma is set to begin shipping out to customers beginning early 2019.

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