Feeling creative? Want to build something? Today's the day because we're seeing a ton of Lego deals active right now. One of the best ones includes the Lego Technic 6x6 All Terrain Tow Truck, which is down to $204.99 on Amazon. The tow truck normally sells for around $290 and has never gone on sale before.

Today is your day

Lego Technic 6x6 all terrain tow truck building kit

Big savings for big builds. Time to dive deep into that Lego obsession.

$204.99 $290.00 $85 off

This is one of the more expensive sets on sale today, but that's because it comes with two Lego Power Functions motors, a battery box, a receiver, and a remote for remote controlled driving, steering, and more. It's also uniquely decorated to celebrate the Lego Technic 40th anniversary and can be rebuilt into a different model, a Research Explorer vehicle.

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So what other sets are on sale right now? Plenty of kits from all types of franchises!

Check out all the deals:

ALL of these kits are down to brand new low prices. Buy them all and build the ultimate Doc Ock light cycle Star Wars dollhouse.

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