Monument Valley 2 wins Best Mobile Game at the 2017 Game Awards

At the 2017 Game Awards, it was announced (almost as a second thought) that Monument Valley 2 (opens in new tab) won the Best Mobile Game. Though there wasn't a lot of fanfare for the mobile gaming community, it's a pretty big deal that ustwo games, an independent game company, outshone the big dogs.

Other games nominated for Best Mobile Game include Fire Emblem Heroes (opens in new tab), and Super Mario Run (opens in new tab) from Nintendo, Old Man's Journey (opens in new tab) by fellow indie game developer Broken Rules, and the adorable hidden objects game Hidden Folks (opens in new tab) by Adriaan de Jongh.

Congratulations to the folks at ustwo games, as well as the rest of the mobile game developers nominated for the 2017 Game Awards.

Lory Gil

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