Monument Valley update will bring 'Ida's Dream' expansion to all players for free on June 25

Wildly popular puzzle game Monument Valley is preparing for a pretty nice update this week. On June 25, players will get an update that includes the Ida's Dream expansion for free.

Ida's Dream was originally an in-app purchase expansion for Monument Valley, but the pack will become part of the base game for free on June 25. Those who already purchased the expansion aren't left out in the cold, howeve: Anyone who purchased the original pack will get access to the red version that was offered up with the Project (RED) campaign.

Unfortunately, this could be the last big update pushed to Monument Valley as well. Speaking with TechCrunch, ustwo's Neil McFarland noted that the developer is putting its focus on new games and that likely means the last major content update for Monument Valley will be Ida's Dream.

Source: TechCrunch Thanks for the tip, UberToast_XBL

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • Too late for me. I already deleted it when they went back on their word and charged people for the update in the first place. How generous of them now they've made all the money to give it away "for free." :-/
  • Well it's not too late. Now you can download it again and get the update for free! Truth be told it should've never been 1.99 truly 99 or even free but hey o well. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • You people whine about everything.
  • It was like the price of a soda....
  • I've enjoyed MV immensely, and on occasion will play it again on my iPad. I paid full price for the product, and have never felt cheated. Since I missed the Project RED addition during its short release window, I'm looking forward to that, as well.
  • What's the difference of the RED version to the standard? Sent from the iMore App
  • Lovely game, very beautiful to look at and play. The only gripe I have with the game is the asking price. The quality of game was there, but you can literally complete it in an hour and the standard price for the game was too much. I got it for 79p a month ago which was good value, but was annoyed to see that the Forgotten Shores addon was another £1..49. I'm not sure what this addon cost, but it's nice we are getting it for nothing as such. I am looking forward to USTWO's next game if it holds the same aesthetic & build quality. Although I hope they get their pricing structure correct this time.
  • This is bad - I wish the developers continue the work. One of the few games I have finished multiple times and am actually not sorry for spending money on. Totally worth it. Looks awesome on the iOS devices. Hopefully, the next game by the team will be as good as the current one.
  • The Project Red is a special bonus level during that Charity's special. Proceeds were given from the purchase of these add-ons for Aids/HIV. There is an article that lists basically all you had in the AppStore. Sent from the iMore App