With this new product, Lego will teach your kid how to code

Lego just announced a brand-new product called Coding Express that will change the way we educate our kids. It is an intuitive and versatile way to teach youngsters how to code.

With Coding Express, first, kids will build a Lego Duplo brick train. Then, using five new action bricks, they can bring the train to life. The concept builds skills like collaboration and problem-solving and goes all the way up to coding theories like sequencing and looping. Similar to littleBits or Snap Circuits, this new Lego product takes advantage of the fact that kids tend to grasp concepts better when they're playing as they learn.

The product is accompanied by a teacher's guide, which features eight lessons for classroom use. Coding Express is meant to be used with a group of up to six children to build teamwork expertise while they learn all about cause-and-effect, engage their motor skills, reinforce their creativity, and more.

It'll be available in the US by October of 2018. While currently it is designed for classroom use, it is likely that you will be able to purchase your own and use it in a group setting if you prefer. Otherwise, let your child's school know that you're interested, and perhaps you could find a way to get your little one engaged in the new Coding Express set.

You have lots of options for STEAM Learning at home. You can even join the Amazon STEM Toy Club to get your kid a new educational toy each month.

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