ngmoco Unveils StarDefense for iPhone

ngmoco just sent over their latest trailer for StarDefense, coming in May for the iPhone and iPod touch, and we've uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it above for all to enjoy.

In Star Defense, players take control of the captain's chair and travel to a series of planets invaded by alien S’rath forces. Twisting and spinning complete 3-D planets, players must examine the terrain to plan tower defenses, selecting from a broad range of turrets that unleash everything from burning hot plasma to high voltage decimation. With seven planets, five upgradable tower types and three difficulty levels available at launch, Star Defense will challenge players of all skill sets, from sci-fi fans to tower defense champions.

If this really combines the skills of ngmoco with the addictive qualities of tower defense, we're already predicting a massive slowdown in postings here as we play review this baby for hours on end.

Screenshots after the break!


Rene Ritchie

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