This Nintendo 2DS XL deal saves you $50 and comes with a $25 eBay coupon

If you've been pining over a New Nintendo 2DS XL console (opens in new tab), now's the time to buy. The official Nintendo eBay store has it available in refurbished condition for $99.99 today. Brand new, these go for $150, if you can even manage to find them in stock. Additionally, your purchase includes a $25 eBay coupon, which stretches your savings even more. The coupon can basically be used like a $25 gift card, with just a few item category exclusions. You'll receive it via email on October 28th. Just make sure to use the coupon before it expires on November 4th.

What makes this deal even better is the fact that each console comes with a full one-year warranty. Typically, refurbished items are subject to a shorter warranty than is standard, and sometimes they don't even come with one at all. This Nintendo deal offers you the same coverage that you'd get if you were buying the console brand new. The item is basically in brand new condition as well. It's been thoroughly tested, cleaned, and inspected to ensure that it's in perfect working condition. It'll ship for free in plain packaging, and it might have minor cosmetic blemishes, but those are small prices to pay when you're essentially getting 30% off.

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New Nintendo 2DS XL Console (Refurbished) + $25 eBay Coupon (opens in new tab)

Score a factory refurbished Nintendo 2DS XL console at $50 off the cost of a brand new model, and you'll also receive an eBay bonus coupon that can be used to save $25 on a future purchase through November 4. The console is backed by a full warranty.

Unlike the original Nintendo 2DS console (opens in new tab), this version can snap shut to protect its dual screens. That helps keep it more compact than the other model as well, even though it has larger screens. The console is fully compatible with almost every 3DS game, though as its name suggests, the games won't be rendered in 3D. If you're someone like me who never uses the 3D option anyway, you won't even notice a difference. This purchase doesn't come with a game, so you might want to pick a couple of them up or apply your eBay coupon towards them. I highly recommend Animal Crossing: New Leaf (opens in new tab), but there are hundreds of options out there. Unlike 3DS consoles, the 2DS does come with a charger, though the included 4GB microSD card might fill up quickly. Snagging one with a larger capacity (opens in new tab) might be a wise idea. There's a similar deal running on Nintendo Switch consoles as well.

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