N.O.V.A Trailer Emerges- What Will Microsoft's Lawyers Think?

We saw a preview of Gameloft's N.O.V.A back at WWDC 2009 for iPhone/iPod Touch. Even then it looked suspiciously like Halo. But now, there can be no doubt in saying that Halo "unofficially" makes its way to iPhone. This teaser trailer shows a lot of video reminiscent of Microsoft's Halo franchise. The last 50-seconds of the trailer shows actual gameplay, let's just say that the players involved look a lot like Master Chief a military soldier and The Covenant some aliens in an intergalactic battle.

Microsoft has to take critical eye to this game as the similarities are TOO close for comfort. But, at the end of the day, I am just excited to get a Halo-like experience on my iPhone; I'm not complaining. Thank you Gameloft.

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  • Gameloft are great at ripping off games for the iphone, GTA and skate are just a few. personally I think its good and it shows the actual companies that their is a demand, why is rockstar actually coming to the iPhone without seeing the demand for a similar game from payback. Microsoft can't really sue this as I'm sure it wasn't an original idea for halo
  • It is not the idea of the game, it is the similarities of the characters that's the problem...
  • Apple needs to make a game system. call it the ibox, call it's online service ibox live; all games would be downloaded, include iTunes integration to download movies, music, and tv shows. And allow iPhone syncing and the iPhone to be used as a controller!
  • I just wish they'd release a Gameloft version of Gran Turismo.
  • Yet another console? I dunno. But the perhaps more obvious extension for me is games on Mac OS X. Mac has always been laughed at as a gaming platform. People even use Boot Camp or virualization so they can run Windows to play games on what is otherwise quite capable hardware. But here they are making games on a variant of Mac OS X on mobile device. Hmmm...
  • @frog. It's coming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV6I6SgofeI&feature=youtube_gdata
  • Will Microsoft really look into this? Wouldn't Bungie (The developers of the HALO series) be the ones to take action? Also, this seems to be a trend with iPhone games now. There's another game on the app store called Meteor Blitz and is copycat of the PS3's Super Stardust HD game. While it is a copycat, I won't complain, as I enjoy playing this game. There's a demo version if you guys are interested.
  • @MrAnonymous
    Microsoft bought Bungie :-)
    and hey, I am not complaining. For example, I love Blades of Fury which is a fantastic copy of Soul Calibur.
  • a new apple tv with gaming capabilities would be killer
  • @ Chad Garrett
    Bungie bought themselves back off MS they're an independant company now
  • I don't see what the big deal is as all these games are copycats/ripoffs of original titles anyway. Outside of directly copying a game most of these are based on the same premise, same goals to win.
  • @lain
    Did not know they bought themselves out of Microsoft. Thanks for the update.
  • If companies aren't happy with Gameloft offering knock-offs of their games on iPhone, they should try porting them over themselves.
    Gameloft keep cranking them out at reasonable prices. :-D
  • @Chad Garrett and Iain, Bungie did become independent again but Microsoft retained ownership and control of Halo and all things related to the franchise. There is a new 1st party set up within Microsoft Game Studios called 343 Industries that will handle all Halo matters after Bungie finishes their last Halo game next year.
  • i for one cant wait for that to come out. i will for sure be buying it. also when GT racing motor academy comes out i'm buying that too!!!!
  • @kaiks
    You have to look at it like this, when you start ripping off content from other developers its likely to put you in hot water incredibly fast and get you put under just as quickly.
    There is no market for high scale developers to invest millions of dollars into an UNPROVEN AND CLUTTERED system for games AND gamers. You could say that the cream of the crop gets the most attention, but when you can't effectively advertise to your gamer base your game will just be buried underneath the thousands of titles available.
    Besides if there is a mobile version of Halo coming, it would be for the Zune, not the iPhone/iPod.
  • Someone needs to port Goldeneye 007 to the iPhone. I would jailbreak for it.