OnLive to Bring PC Gaming to Your iPhone?

Oh yeah -- Looks like in the near future that OnLive thing might just take off and lucky iPhone users will be able to play along with their PC gaming friends. However, many roadblocks still exist. Steve Pearlman OnLive's CEO Says:

I’m afraid we are not announcing a date for availability of OnLive on particular cell phones just yet. We have further development to do, and we need approvals from some cell phone makers before we can release OnLive to the public. So, for now, OnLive on a cell phone is only a technology demo. But, for those of you who have been asking about OnLive on cell phones, the answer is yes, it is coming. And, it is REALLY cool.

As a gamer, this is rather exciting. Not only what it means for the iPhone, but for gaming in general. Perhaps we won't need apps on our phone anymore for game playing, we just "tune in" to the latest games and play from where we can. I can dig that.

The OnLive service will begin in Winter 2009, however they are currently looking fro beta testers. You can sign up here.

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