Is paying for Roblox Premium worth it?

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Roblox is the free-to-play massively popular online game platform and game creation system that allows users to program and share games online. Its incredible popularity stems from its availability since it's free on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. Because of this, Roblox has attracted millions of younger gamers to its virtual playground ever since it launched in 2004.

A question often asked by people looking to get into Roblox is if paying for the game is worth it. Like other free-to-play games, Roblox can be enjoyed for free but offers bonuses for those who are willing to pay for a Roblox Premium membership. So is paying for Roblox worth it? It can be, depending on how you play.

What does the Premium membership include?

Roblox Hero

Source: ROBLOX Corporation (Image credit: Source: ROBLOX Corporation)

Roblox offers three different Premium monthly membership options for players. Each tier costs $4.99, $9.99, and 19.99 respectively, and offers a monthly stipend of Robux that players receive upon subscription renewal.

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NamePriceStipend amount
Premium 450$4.99 a monthDelivers a stipend of 450 Robux to your account every month.
Premium 1000$9.99 a monthDelivers a stipend of 100 Robux to your account every month.
Premium 2200$19.99 a monthDelivers a stipend of 2200 Robux to your account every month.

Everybody will also receive the same membership perks no matter the tier. These perks include access to Premium-only levels, boosters within games, exclusive items and discounts, 10% more Robux with every Robux purchase, and the ability to trade items. None of these perks are necessary to play Roblox, but if you're interested in getting the most from your game, you may consider buying a membership.

The only legitimate way to buy Robux or a membership is through Roblox's website, the Android/iOS Roblox app, or the Xbox One app. Any other websites or apps promising free memberships, Robux, or items are scams and should be reported through the Report Abuse system.

Your mileage may vary

If you're a casual Roblox player, there are plenty of games within to enjoy without having to buy a membership. However, for serious players looking to create and trade, the Premium membership will serve you well. Roblox, one of the best free Android games and is perfect for younger gamers who are interested in game creation and game sharing.

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