PC and console shooter franchise Payday is coming to mobile devices

Fans of the Payday co-op shooter franchise on PC and consoles will be able to experience it on a smaller screen in the near future. It's main developer, Starbreeze Studios, has announced that it is working with a mobile-focused team, Cmune, to release an all-new game in the series that is specifically for mobile devices.

Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze AB, is quoted as saying:

"We're used to seeing PAYDAY in a cooperative setting, and are really excited to explore how PAYDAY can evolve onto new platforms and see what we can do with competitive gameplay on mobile."

Both of the PC and console Payday games have players taking on the role of robbers who attempt to break into banks to steal money from the vaults and escape without being killed or captured by the police. Today's announcement of a mobile version did not reveal specific platforms, nor a release date for the game.

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Source: Starbreeze

John Callaham

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