Perfect World is bringing its Torchlight PC action-RPG series to mobile devices

More PC game franchises are making their way to mobile devices. This week, publisher Perfect World Entertainment revealed Torchlight Mobile, a new entry in the series that will be launched for smartphones and tablets later this year. The two Torchlight games made for PCs were developed by Runic Games, and offered a Diablo-like gameplay experience with randomly generated levels. Torchlight Mobile is being created for Perfect World by developer Fedeen Games.

At the moment, there's not a lot of information on the game, although Fedeen Games has clarified that "Torchlight Mobile will be an exclusive adventure designed for mobile devices" rather than a port of the two previous PC games. Perfect World will reveal more information on Torchlight Mobile later this week as part of E3 2015.

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Source: Torchlight Mobile

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