Phone Different Podcast #1

The inaugural voyage of our iPhone-centric podcast, by the same folks that gave you the #1 Palm Treo podcast, the TreoCentral Treocast.

As usual, our show notes are after the break.

phonedifferent podcast #1 for july 30, 2007

hi ppl. catchy slogan! soooo.... awkward silence. introduction. new podcast. why we're doing it. how it's the unpopular little brother to the treocentral treocast. how we can say 'podcast' intead of treocast now and that's just great.

iPhone News

  1. bookmarklets have been pretty handy.
  2. boonies mode, not what I expected: data URLs: mention cookies issue, mention that it's possible to store just about anything as a data uri: images, documents, etc.
  3. gripes: fixed view, no way to have your web app behave like an apple app
  4. iPhone vulnerabilities
  5. iPhone dev wiki
  • Ringtones: for mac, for win
  • Activation: for mac
  • install apache, python
  • data tethering
  • Many analysts wrong, but maybe not wrong? Sunday results may be important here.
  • John Gruber calling BS on profit margins
  • and iSuppli
  • Apple Bluetooth headset: apple store employees claiming it's not officially out, while every other site out there has a review.
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    sold out in stores thread by xenophonite
    why no 3G by cmaier
    finally got to try an iPhone by braj


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