Phone Different Podcast #2


p> Our second podcast. Plenty of stuff to talk about, even without the last 5 minutes of the track at the end. We cover some iPhone game news, hacking news, Fake Steve Jobs, and as we are wont to do, cover the forums a wee spot.

As usual, our show notes are after the break.


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iPhone iPhonecast Podcast #2

Phone Different Podcast for Monday August 13, 2007

Introductive Banter. Fake Steve Jobs and just how fake he now is.


  • games. so much game news.
    • Games and Localised strings
    • duck hunt
    • pickleview review
    • $7, and iSuppli
    • Nintendo emulator
  • most expensive feature update every: web gallery: $99 + $79 + $99 each year thereafter
  • hacking: Terminal.
  • hacking: new avenue to unlock? maybe.
  • bookmarklets

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iPhone Questions by Motoracer

Treo Switchers by Alan Mushnick

of course, much discussion still in the 'other forums':

10 things I hate... by surur



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