Plants vs. Zombies 2 update mixes dinosaur with prehistoric undead

EA has released an update for Plants vs. Zombies 2, which brings with it Jurassic Marsh Part 1. Available from today on both iOS and the Google Play Store, this latest update to the title introduces prehistoric-themed content with some scary looking dinosaurs to boot. Not only are there three new dinosaurs to play as, but also plants like the Primal Peashooter.

Here's a quick look at what's new in the update:

  • Introducing for the first time in Plants vs. Zombies 2 history - three new dinosaurs including Raptor, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl.
  • Four new plants including Primal Pea Shooter, Perfume-Shroom, Primal Walnut and the Premium Plant, Grapeshot, a plant that scatters bouncing projectiles, damaging zombies across the board.
  • 7 new fully-themed costumed zombies. -16 levels, including a themed Gargantuar Battle.

But that's not all. In addition to the update, there will also be a special 12-day worldwide event, launching tomorrow called Food Fight. You'll be able to enjoy autumn-themed plant and zombie costumes, as well as two special edition premium plants for a limited time. Below is what you'll find during the Food Fight event:

  • Two Special Edition Premium Plants including the return of Sweet Potato, a plant that forces zombies to switch lanes, and Dandelion, which can fire down multiple rows.
  • New autumn-themed zombies including Turkey Zombie, Gobbler King Zombie, and Chefster Zombie.

As noted already, the Plants vs. Zombies 2 update is live today and the Food Fight event kicks off tomorrow.

Rich Edmonds