PlayStation Vue adds four-stream multiview for Apple TV

PlayStation Vue multiview

PlayStation Vue today announced that it's updating its Apple TV app to support multiview — meaning you'll be able to watch up to four live channels at one time on a single screen. (Just in time for March Madness, no doubt.) The feature previously has been available on PlayStation 4, though it is limited to just three streams at a time.

The PS Vue app also is getting an update on PS4. Here's what's up:

Additionally, the multi-view feature on PS4, which offers up to three live channels at once, is receiving two updates today. The first update is real-time program changing, which means you will no longer have to start from the beginning each time you want to add in a different program. The second update is new filters – now Sports and News have their own dedicated tabs, which makes it even easier for you to find sports and news for multi-view.

PlayStation Vue is available on nearly every piece of hardware you can think of. (Except for Xbox, because Sony and Microsoft aren't quite holding hands yet.) Its plans start at $45 a month and range up to $80 a month, with premium add-ons available. Local channels come standard.

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