Portable Gaming's Future?- Wait-a-Thon!


With the recent announcement of the iPhone SDK, we became witness to the iPhone's possible future in gaming. If you are a portable gamer, you probably already own a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP. Perhaps in the future, you will just use your iPhone? The iPhone is flying off of the shelf these days and with the App Store around the corner, there is no excuse for users not to get a little gaming action. Electronic Arts is a huge developer and publisher for video games. What if they port games to the iPhone? A little Need for Speed Underground anyone? Imagine holding your iPhone like a steering while and using the accelerometer as you rotate the phone left and right to steer, then lean the iPhone forward to accelerate and tilt it back to brake and change your views by touching the screen... oh, the possibilities.

What do you foresee as possible future uses for the iPhone as a gaming platform? We could start with Nintendo's Wii for inspiration...

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