Portal Pinball will prove the cake is a lie when it's released for Zen Pinball in May

Portal Pinball will bring Valve's world of Aperture Science, which it created for the classic puzzle games Portal and Portal 2, down to a pinball table. Players will hit their flipper buttons and try to navigate through the sometimes treacherous landscape. Here's what Zen Studios has to say about the game:

"Guide Chell and Wheatley through test chambers by navigating portals, using aerial faith plates, defeating turrets and facing other obstacles, and battling against GLaDOS as you attempt to escape the facility and reach the surface. Team up with ATLAS and P-Body for their Cooperative Testing Initiative Multiball and wreak havok on the Turret Factory by discovering Ratman's hidden mini playfield.

Zen Studios recently released an Avengers: Age of Ultron table for the game. There's no word yet on what the price will be for the Portal Pinball add-on. And just remember... the cake is a lie.

Source: Zen Studios

John Callaham

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