Whether you're looking to complete some tasks around the house or kick off a new do it yourself hobby, there are lots of tools and supplies that you'll need. From drills to sawhorses, drill bits to at home tech repair kits, there are tons of Prime Day deals that will help expand your collection.

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Prime Day has brought a ton of price drops to laptops, desktops, internal computer parts and accessories, and more, and the Thrifter team has gone through each one to make sure that each one listed below is actually a good deal.

Are you in the market for a new laptop and wondering if you should hold out until Amazon's Prime Day in the summer? Think you're going to find some unique deals during that time that you can't find right now? There's no doubt that Amazon's Prime Day is a huge day for deals, especially on electronics. If you're already a Prime member or don't mind signing up for it to get those deals, it's definitely worth it for a lot of reasons. We don't know exactly what's going to be on sale during this year's Prime Day, but we can look at past Prime Days and take a guess.

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Before we do all that though, you need to know what you're looking for in a laptop if you decide to buy one. Laptops come in all shapes and sizes. There are super budget Chromebooks, Windows ultrabooks, Apple MacBooks, gaming laptops, durable business laptops, and more. What are you going to use this laptop for? Gaming? Editing? Internet browsing? Schoolwork? Does it need to be portable and travel well or can it sit on a desk with cooling pads underneath it? Do you spend hours on it or just a few minutes a day?

Then you need to decide what sort of specifications you want. Do you want a solid state drive inside? What about graphics? Most modern laptops come with integrated graphics unless you're specifically looking for something for gaming. Then you've got to find one with a dedicated graphics card, which usually means it's a lot bigger. What sort of ports do you want? USB-C is the wave of today, but maybe that's not enough for you. Maybe you also need to make sure there's an SD card reader for your photography hobby.

The point of all these questions is just to highlight how broad a category "laptop" is. There are a dozen different brands with a thousand different configurations, and these will all vary in price depending on how little or how much you want. That's the biggest problem with shopping for a laptop on Prime Day. There will be some laptops on sale, but will they fit what you want out of a machine? Are you willing to compromise for a few hundred dollars in savings, and what exactly are you willing to compromise on?

My advice to you is, if you're in the market for a laptop you should establish these parameters before you even begin looking for sales. Know ahead of time what you want particularly because Prime Day sales come and go really fast. After that, the next trick will be to know where to look for laptop deals.

Prime Day is Amazon's day. It's in the name, of course. The problem with Amazon in regards to laptop deals is that Amazon doesn't have a lot of investment in laptops as a device. We're bound to see a ton of deals on smart home devices because Amazon has smart home devices like the Echo Dot or Echo Plus. We'll see tablet sales of all shapes and sizes because Amazon has the Kindle Fire HD. We even see TV deals because Amazon has the Fire TV and Fire OS. There is no dedicated Amazon Fire laptop, though, so Amazon cares a lot less about pushing those products. Luckily, that doesn't stop other retailers from barking up that particular tree, though. Best Buy, Walmart, and many others will have sales trying to compete with Amazon's sales. Best Buy is already one of the best places to regularly find MacBook deals, so I imagine that will still be true in July. Hopefully these retailers can pick up the slack for other laptops, too.

How were the laptop sales during past Prime Day events? Not great. There were a few here and there, but by far the best deals considered Chromebooks. Chromebooks are budget-minded laptops that are very easy-to-use and light on features. While many of them are spectacular at what they do, they tend to appeal to a very specific audience. If you're looking for anything heavier than using Google Docs and checking your email a couple times a day, the Chromebook probably does not appeal to you. There were a couple of other deals like an Asus ZenBook that dropped about $150 and Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks around $700, but the potential configurations were very limited. Even in the days following Prime Day, we did not see a whole lot of laptop deals, unfortunately.

So, can you buy a laptop on Prime Day? Sure. Should you? Unless you're specifically looking for a budget computer like the Asus Chromebook Flip, probably not. You're not going to find anything overwhelming great on Prime Day, in my opinion. One thing I can promise you though, if even a single awesome laptop deal goes on sale, we'll spot it and share it with you. Follow our team at Thrifter so you don't miss a single deal.

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