We like interesting developers and interesting stories here at TiPb, and Mike Kasprzak of Smiles sent us in this gem:

I don't know how closely you've been following the whole price changing fiasco in the iTunes App Store. Games launching at like $8-$10, then dropping to $1 a day or so later. Or apps jumping between 2 prices every few days to get front page exposure on aggregation sites. That sort of thing. It's really making things hard for us developers trying to run an honest shop. Well, I did something a little different with my game Smiles. I launched the game at $4.99, but instead of dropping the price like 'conventional wisdom' seems to suggest, I cut it in half. This works for me, since Smiles is actually 2 games (a clever business idea that... well... hasn't work out in my favor yet). Customers can buy my game "Smiles" individual parts (Smiles Zen, and Smiles Drop) for $2.99 each, or save about $1 by purchasing "Smiles" for $4.99.

If you try it out, please tell us what you think!