Ready for an all-new iMore show? It's coming your way tomorrow!

The iMore show has been an overwhelming success, reaching more of you, in more ways, then many of us here on the site could have possibly imagined. However, it didn't include you as much as any of us have wanted. Increasingly the iMore show had become more about awesome interviews and less about our even more awesome community.

So, tomorrow, we're changing that. A lot.

Now, the current iMore show isn't going to go away. It too will change. It'll get a new name, and become something closer akin to Debug and Iterate. More on that later, though! For now, here's what's happening with the NEW iMore show:

  1. We're changing the day and time. We're moving it back to Wednesday and we're moving it to the afternoon, Eastern Time. We're still working out the details, and we'll announce the exact time tomorrow. That's right, no more conflict with Game of Thrones, Mad Men, or whatever else you were watching!

  2. Peter Cohen will be our new, fairly consistent co-host, but other members of the iMore and Mobile Nations families will be joining us from week to week as well. Also, we're not going to be abandoning guests entirely. We aim to have some fantastic folks join us as well to help round out the shows and keep up the variety.

  3. And yes, that mean's we're changing the format. As much as being able to do a one man show is important as a last-ditch backup, and as much as I enjoy interviews, what makes iMore great are the many voices we have here. So, we're switching back to the panel-type format we used to use, and that our other site-shows like Android Central and CrackBerry use.

  4. The subject matter we cover will expand from mostly news and hot topics to a better balance of news, apps, accessories, and... Q&A. Yours, the communities, is the most important voice we have and part of our new panel will be YOU. What that means is that we'll be using the chatroom more than ever before, but what's more -- you'll be able to send us audio and video questions or comments and we'll play them live during the show.

Want to be on the new iMore show tomorrow? Here's what you need to do RIGHT NOW:

  • Grab your iPhone, iPad, or the device of your choice and record a short (30 second) video asking us your question. Upload it to the internet, and send us the link -- Don't send the video file itself, just the YouTube, Dropbox, or other video hosting link -- to
  • While we prefer video -- it's a video show! -- audio is fine as a fallback. Just use Voice Memo on iOS, or whatever recording app you like best, ask the question, and email the audio file to <

That's it! That's all you need to do to be on the all new, all encompassing iMore show!

We'd also love to hear any other suggestions you may have for the show as well. So, run -- don't walk -- to the comments and let me know. If you could have your dream iMore show, what would it be? What segments would we include? What guests would we invite on? What kind of Q&A would we do?