Real Racing 2 HD bringing full screen gaming over AirPlay

Firemint has announced that Real Racing HD will be updated to support wireless big screen gaming over airplay.

Relish Real Racing 2 HD's superb visuals as they're streamed effortlessly to your big screen TV. Grip your iPad 2 and steer with unerring precision and the freedom of wireless play. Stay closer than ever to the track with real-time racing telemetry, displayed directly on your iPad's screen.

  • Real Racing 2 HD streamed to your big screen TV over AirPlay
  • Completely wireless. The most liberating and immersive racing experience ever
  • Full screen, totally borderless display with stunning 3D graphics
  • Take advantage of dual screens with real-time racing telemetry on your iPad 2

As of now, you must use TV-out to experience Real Racing 2 HD in full 1080p HD on your TV. This update will the first of its kind and will be available when iOS 5 is released.

Who's excited?

Leanna Lofte

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