Ridge Racer Slipstream burning rubber on mobile in December

The Ridge Racer franchise has been with us for a long time now and the latest title in the series, Slipstream, is destined for iOS and Android later this month. From Polygon:

The mobile iteration of the franchise — rendered on an entirely new racing engine, according to Namco Bandai — will feature a handful of different gameplay modes including a multiplayer mode slated to drop post-launch, a Career Mode and an Arcade Mode with three different race types: regular, quick and knockout. Challenge races include 108 different races across 6 Grand Prix Series and all 10 individual tracks can be raced around in either direction.

Not much else is known at this point aside from the promise of regular post-launch content updates and a bunch of cars and customizations that will be on tap for budding iPhone and iPad racers. It's not the first time a Ridge Racer title will have graced iOS, but with the way mobile games have progressed in recent years we're pretty excited to take a look at this. Anyone else?

Source: Polygon

Richard Devine

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