Rock Band Coming to iPhone and iPod touch

Rock Band from EA is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch and Mashable has the details:

Just as is the case with the original, Rock Band for iPhone offers four different instruments that you can play: vocals, drums, bass, guitar. Each option offers a game experience that is unique to each instrument, so you’re playing the actual drum part when you select “drums,” and so on.Should you sync up with friends and play over Bluetooth, be prepared to be blown away. The real-time gaming experience is incredible, as yours truly can attest to, and even goes so far as to highlight other players’ activities on your device as they happen.

Head on over to the link above for me info and screenshots. They think it's "awesome". What do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Love it on my xbox and I'm sure it would play just as well on the iphone. Will wait and see...
  • Well ther goes more of my money to the app store cause I want this. Any word on playing over 3G or wifi? Just wonderin. Thanx.
  • This is exciting :) I love Rock Band!
  • Love rock band on 360.. love tap tap on my phone.. this is a no brainer for me.. although.. I spend too much on DLC on my 360 as it is.. so.. Hopefully the songs that come stock on this, are good ones.
  • This sounds fucking amazing
  • Rockband on the 360 is really good. I like it better than ahem the OTHER we'll see how it plays on the iphone..I think I might just try it.
  • This sounds really really good but the best part would be playing with friends. Who invites three friends with iPhones over to their house to play this over bluetooth? :(
  • I enjoy Rock Band, I must admit. But the charm is in actually playing rock instruments. During these sessions, you can get lost in the fantasy of being a drummer or guitar player...and for some, the mic unleashes the idol in them.
    I don't see how that particular experience can be recreated on the iPhone. I tried Tap Tap when it first came to the app store and although it is a decent game, it is just what it says it is: Tapping
  • Guitar Rock Tour is great, so I can't see this being any different.
  • how are they going to simulate strumming a guitar...
    sounds very nice though with multiplayer. hopefully they will come out with a special half off intro price. id jump on it then
  • I want this.
    Any word on the possibility of band play over wifi or something??
  • Is the Bluetooth feature only for 3G and 3GS?
  • (looked it up)I really hope its not the same set list that was released with the Verizon phones.. cause it sucked. BAD.
  • @ d.allen
  • They've really missed the ball with this IMO, it looks more and more like a quick cash in every time I look into it, IMO they shouldve let you actually "sing" into the mic on your iPhone to imitate the vocals section. Again they couldve let you "strum" on the iPhone but no, they just basically make it TTR with a name change and a poor track list. Disappointing really...
  • Not much say beyond "COOL!"
  • Sweet! I've been waiting for this for so long!
  • Looking forward to the idea of an online virtual band on the iPhone, pretty sweet.
  • Still waiting for RAP BAND