Save on this convenient wireless charger for your iPhone 7

It's 2017 — there should be no wires to get hung up on when you're charging your iPhone, right? Wireless charging pads are popular, but you want something that keeps your phone in your line of sight and accessible.

Wirelessly charge your iPhone!

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That's where the XVIDA Magnetic iPhone Charging Kit comes in. This case and charging dock combo keeps your phone in the perfect position for wireless charging. The case is a slim, hard case shell that adds a layer of protection without adding any much bulk to your phone. Available for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in black, silver, and rose gold, you can a case that matches your phone!

Right now through iMore Digital Offers, you can save 21% off the regular price of $120. Yes, that means you'll pay only $93 for this great wireless charger. Never worry about running out of battery life at your desk.

Save 21% on this incredible wireless charging system!

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