Robot vacuums are coming to Apple Home — here's why I'm ditching Henry for a eufy Robo on Prime Day

eufy X10 Pro with child and dog in front room
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Road to Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2024

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Henry Hoover and I have a love/hate relationship. I’ve tripped over its wire so many times that I’m ready to look elsewhere. This is why I’ve been looking at robot vacuums as Amazon Prime Day approaches.

Amazon’s sales event takes place on 17-18 July, which gives me enough time to research how a Robot vacuum can help my family, especially when it comes to cleaning up the accidental spills made by our 10-month-old son. The first thing that comes to mind, which Henry cannot do, is the fact that I can automate a Robot Vacuum to map out our home and clean up when we’re out of the house.

Most Robot vacuums return to a dock that empties any collected debris. Some docks even wash the bristles on the vacuum. These features have already made me add a few to my wishlist on Amazon. However, there’s another aspect that’s been driving my research.

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced that Apple Home, the company’s proprietary system that can control smart devices such as cameras and light strips, will add support robot vacuums later this year, through the Matter 1.2 standard. Matter is a type of smart home software that can work with other products, which can then be controlled through the Apple Home app.

Although robot vacuum manufacturers like eufy, Shark, and more haven’t yet confirmed HomeKit support, compatibility should be possible through a firmware update. With this in mind, here are a few more reasons why a robot vacuum could be top of my Prime Day HomeKit wishlist.


SharkClean app on iOS

(Image credit: Shark)

Shark, eufy, and iRobot all have apps you can download from the App Store that let you control your Robot Vacuum from wherever you are. If you leave the house and realize you’re having friends over as soon as you get back, quickly launching the app to activate the vacuum for a quick once-over could be very helpful.

There are other features in these apps as well you can take advantage of. For example, Shark’s app, SharkClean, allows you to locate the vacuum and direct it to specific parts of your home for a quick clean. SharkClean can also estimate how long the vacuuming will take, which is very useful for ensuring the robot has enough battery to complete the task.


Shark Ultra Robot vacuum

(Image credit: Shark)

A vacuum that self-maintains itself is a big appeal to me, as cleaning out Henry Hoover every fortnight can get messy. This is why I’ve been looking at the eufy X10 Pro. After it finishes vacuuming, it goes into a docking station which cleans out the Robot, ready for its next use. Granted, you still need to empty the dock’s dirt collection after a while, but it’s much easier than taking apart a vacuum like Henry Hoover.

Some can mop as well as vac!

eufy X10 Pro

(Image credit: eufy)

There’s a good chance that your bathroom and kitchen have tiled flooring, and cleaning this type of surface requires some extra effort. Right now I use Henry to initially clean up any dirt, then use a mop to wash away any potential bacteria and keep the floors smelling fresh.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that some Robot vacuum cleaners can also mop! The eufy X10 Pro, for example, has two mop-pads at its base that can press down on carpet and hard-surface floors. These can spin at up to 180 RPM, washing your floors without you having to do it yourself.

One More Thing — HomeKit

Audio and Home

(Image credit: Apple)

As I mentioned above, the big appeal to me is the upcoming HomeKit support for Robot vacuums, which Apple says will arrive later this year. I already control lights and cameras within the Apple Home app with my iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch. Being able to also control a Robot vacuum like the eufy X10 Pro in the future with the app is a big appeal to me.

In the meantime, I’m happy to use the apps that Shark, eufy, and iRobot offer, as I don’t think I can spend much longer with Henry Hoover.

Shark AI Ultra$599$299 at Amazon

Shark AI Ultra | $599 $299 at Amazon

At 50% off already, Shark’s Robot Vacuum can be left to vacuum and sit in its dock for up to 60 days before the dirt needs to be emptied. The Shark AI Ultra uses LiDAR to accurately map out your home as well, so you can use the SharkClean app to see where the Vacuum is, wherever you are.

eufy X10 Pro$799 at Amazon

eufy X10 Pro | $799 at Amazon

Not only does the X10 Pro vacuum, but it also mops, thanks to a feature called ‘MopMaster 2.0’. These two mop-pads will press down hard on different surfaces to give them a good clean, and once done, the robot goes back to its dock to be emptied and cleaned.

eufy L60 $279 at Amazon

eufy L60 | $279 at Amazon

Don’t let its cheaper price fool you — this robot vacuum cleaner is one to watch for Prime Day next month. It’s capable of climbing over 20mm objects, such as door frames, and has a powerful suction system and the ability to avoid moving objects.

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